After a long absence due to the Covid pandemic that disrupted our daily life, as well as my ever-fascinating work, I’m updating my website today. I’m sharing with you updates regarding my projects carried out over the past few years and providing you with new Python scripts that could be useful to you.

Parallel to my work, I created interfaces for a few companies known in the cryptocurrency domain, for fun and to see if my work could interest them. I won’t share them here as they were simply “proofs of concept” and I don’t have them at hand. However, if you’re interested, I can always show them to you. It was an enriching experience as an UX Designer. I also created three mini-games for the community, related to three different crypto projects, using Construct 3. These games have been successful and have helped organize contests within the community. Again, I don’t have the projects at hand, but if you’re interested, I can share them with you.

I also tried to launch a Play2Earn project based on the Avalanche blockchain. The project was about to be launched, several people worked for me, but unfortunately, I had to put the project on hold for personal reasons. You can find the project website below if you’re interested in taking a look:

In short, since the last update of my site, many things have changed and AI has made a smashing entry among the general public, first with GPT3, and now with GPT4. Fascinated by AI since I saw OpenAI’s AI play better than professionals in the video game Dota 2 in 2017, and also by the fact that I had the opportunity to play against it in this game, I realized the power of neural networks. I seized the opportunity to experiment with new things when these new models for natural language processing and image generation were made publicly available.

Here are the scripts that I recently released exploiting the GPT4 API except for camguard, which does not use AI.

Description: Telegram Bot with webcam detection and commands
Release Date: 2023
Download Link: here

Description: Medical chatbot using gradio and the GPT4 api to provide medical advice
Release Date: 2023
Download Link:  here or here

Description: Telegram bot with gpt4 and APIs like weather, news, and cryptos
Release Date: 2023
Download Link:  here

Description: Telegram bot to follow the events of a club’s match in a competition (without too many messages): Start of the match with composition, goals, red cards and post-match analysis by GPT4.
Release Date: 2023
Download Link:  here
News article : here

Description: Weather script that records climatic data every hour and sends alerts for a specific city
Release Date: 2023
Download Link:  here

I’m excited to follow the progress that will be made in the field of artificial intelligence in the coming months and years. I hope to be able to create new projects or games exploiting its capabilities, if the desire and time permit. You can find all of my creations on this page.